What is food therapy? 1

The following is placeholder text known as “lorem ipsum,” which is scrambled Latin used by Food therapy is where our ancestral data comes together with modern science to personalize what foods will suit our wellness best. In this sense, the food you eat is as unique as you. Food therapy can shift a certain way of eating from a trend, to the most personally optimized way yet.

With food therapy you develop a sense of what’s right for you at an intuitive level. This means no more trendy diets to embrace an eat for life philosophy.

Eat for life philosophy, what’s that? 2

Our eat for life philosophy engenders a way of eating that not only optimizes everyday wellness, but that will grow and change with you as you change- this means you’ll still enjoy the comforts and experiences surrounding the foods you love, yet with a renewed sense that they’re contributing to your longevity.

If I’m not home, can you leave my order at my door? 3

We will leave your order in an insulated cooler bag if you will not be home. Please return home within a timely fashion to get meals in the frige. flavor ID is not responsible for meals left outside of the home.

Can you deliver to my office, hotel or vacation residence?

If you are in our delivery area, we’d love to! We require, in-person pickup at these locations. We can leave your order at the hotel front desk, but are not responsible for your order once it has changed hands.

What are your delivery areas and times?

Please see our delivery areas, map and times here. (insert link)

What about your ingredients?

flavor ID creates functional foods that incorporate organic, ethically sourced, local, non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients such as superfoods and therapeutic plants to create meals and personalization.

What are functional foods?

Functional foods are those that may potentially confer even greater health benefits than their base nutrients — these are foods that have been fortified with nutrients, for example. flavor ID creates functional foods by personalizing meals with superfoods and medicinal-grade herbs and plant-compounds.

Why don’t you use symbols for your preparation instructions?

Because we personalize meals for you, this means that preparation instructions may differ from person to person or change as your health concerns shift. You will however find generalized prep instructions on each meal. 

I just want to order off the menu minus personalization, can I?

Yes, of course! Personalization is a complementary part of our service, but is not required for us to create meals for you. When you place your order, you can simply decline to fill out our personalization questionnaire.

Do you create gluten-free foods?

All of our foods are gluten-free. While we are not celiac certified at this time, we take the greatest care to prevent cross-contamination in the kitchen.

Do you use animal products?

Sometimes, yes. flavor ID honors the intersection between ancestral and modern ways of eating. While most of our meals are primarily plant-based, ethical, pasture-raised, wild-sourced, antibiotic-free, organic, non-GMO meats will appear on our menu at this time.

Do you create postpartum meals?

We do! On our menu, you will see these meals labeled. Once you order, we are also happy to personalize your postpartum meal delivery experience.

I’m animal and fish product free, can I still order from you?

Yes, please do! We love creating plant-based meals for our clients. When you order, you will have an opportunity to tell us this detail about you and your family.

So I don’t need lab results to order?

No! It is our goal to feed anyone eager to welcome organic, non-GMO, seasonal foods into their homes. Answering questions simply pertaining to your constitution type can tell us so much about what foods may be most ideal for you. When you order, our questionnaire will walk you through questions that tell us just enough about you so that we can create meals personalized to your lifestyle and wellness goals.

Do you provide any laboratory testing directly?

We do not provide lab testing, but welcome you to submit the results of genetic, nutrigenomic or related lab work you think may be helpful for us to personalize your experience. If you have not had nutrigenomic or genetic evaluation performed, yet would like to, please let us know and we would be happy to tell you more.